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Parent-child Reading

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<Parent-child Reading>

Tenet:Establishing good parent-child relationship and achieving the vision of happy reading and joy learning through parent-child reading

Purposes:Encouraging parents to accompany children’s reading, cultivating children's reading habits and their interest in lifelong learning.

Target: Full-day care children and parents

Form of activity

  • Parents can register freely (continuously or intermittently) and borrow the picture books in batches from our Nursery

  • We will collect the parents' post-reading feelings (In written or electronic format; No limits on the form, number of words, languages or frequencies)

  • In order to encourage children and parents to participate in the Parent-child Reading program, the Nursery has set the annual incentives

  • The relevant information will be posted on the website or  can be inquired with the Nursery

  • Parents must agree with the final version of the <Parent-child Reading> program, and the copyright of the after-reading and photos are reserved and used by the Nursery.

<Story Parents>

Aim:Sharing reading; Family-school cooperation

Purposes: Sharing life stories via <Parent-Child Reading> 

Targets: Parents of full-day care children

Date: Once a month (Saturday afternoon)

Time: 15:30 to 16:00

Form: Unlimited; Parents will share life stories for 15 minutes

Venue: Activity Room / Multi-funtional room

Remarks: Parents must agree that the Nursery reserves the copyrights of the photos and all information